The best Dutch and Polish trade patterns are combined in our practice

Out main task is to support business processes of manufacturers, exporters and importers on the Polish and Dutch market. We are helping to occur and expand activities and also to find appropriate contractor for your company in Poland.

We combine Dutch reliability and Polish creativity

Contact address in Poland:

Libelta 22/6, 61-707 Poznań
tel. 00 48 601 633 894

Contact address in Holland:

Regentesselaan 112
2562 EE Den Haag
tel. 00 31 62 602 88 33 | e-mail:


The inclusion of advertising your company on our website will allow your company to reach out to a broad group of customers is not always directly related to your business.

Three simple reasons why our company should be chosen



Our company commenced
operations since 2006
however, we and our partners
have trading experience on the Polish
and Dutch market since the eighties.

The message


Our company's mission is to
support business processes of
producers, exporters, importers
and service companies operating on the Polish and Dutch market.



Dofood initiates entry into the
Polish market, supports the
clients with marketing and
logistics strategies, optimises on every
level business, mainly in the food industry.

DOFOOD | About us

Dofood is a Dutch company operating on
the Polish and Dutch market
mainly in food industry.
Our mission is to maintain and increase
the efficiency of our clients in Poland by
providing more effective use of marketing
organizational, language and legal actions.

We support company's from the early stages
of entering the new market,
finding the first contractors,
building the distribution channels and selecting the appropriate development strategy until the satisfactory level of sales and profits is achieved.

100% of satisfaction!

We will make every effort to reduce to a minimum not only the elements of risk but also the costs associated with entering a new market.